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Our Story

How we started

Established just before start of this century as an agency firm serving global buyers with live-interpretation dealing with local wholesalers from the greatest garment trading base in Guangzhou, China.


The team grew alongside the expending client base, visits were required more often to get the best deals from factories and remote material markets. Volume buyers helped our business extended at the same time as our knowledge across multiple industries, while meeting different demands for supplies.

We moving global

We had assisted customers with all sizes of demands, on their orders, bills, documents and their China travels. There were people in the food industry, the furniture retailing, estate businesses needing raw materials for constructions, and factories needed machineries for production of boxes and other containers.

We gradually realized our customers were not the only one needing these goods and services, many more are yet to enter China for thier shopping. So we came out of China, with our first step in London, UK.

Where shall we land?
We as Chinabuy Group always had one ambition to bridge customers in need of supplies but not knowing who to trust and what standard to rely on, to the goods they truely demand, and the suppliers that are communicable, caring and honest.

We are finding more depots in the world where ends of bridges can be built on, and where business people need us, for their China shopping. We are always passionate about achieving this goal, for we have the knowledge of what's available in China and how to get them fairly.

We helped house builders who sourced in China for tons of construction materials, we would also help homeowners sourcing wall paper, flooring, ceiling, doors, windows and toilet unites for one kitchen or a living room.
Give us a call and see what we can do, for you.
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