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Our Journey

Established in Guangzhou when this century began, we started by facilitating trade deals between global buyers and local wholesalers as a sourcing agency firm. We made sure everyone understood each other and got good deals.

As our client base diversified and expanded, they started asking for more help in new industries like accessories, electronics, kitchen wear, furniture and construction materials. So we hired new experts and started offering more services like sourcing quality products & suppliers and handling every aspect of shipping.

Going Global

We knew we could do more outside China. That's why we opened another office in London, UK. Our ambition has always been to bridge businesses with trustworthy suppliers, transcending borders and language barriers, and our London office helps us stay connected with clients in Europe and beyond.

Whether it's finding suppliers in Africa or figuring out shipping rules in Europe, we’ve got it covered. Our story is still being written, and we're excited about what comes next.

Why Choose Us

Trust, efficiency, and ethical practices are the cornerstones of our business. 


With over 15 years of experience in Product Sourcing, Consulting, and Shipping, covering clothing, accessories, electronics, furniture, construction materials and much more, we take pride in our transparent and ethical operations, an evaluate, verify, and manage suppliers in China to offer businesses quality assurance and unparalleled service at competitive prices.


As your Chinese Trade Consultant, we take the stress out of importing while boosting your efficiency. We manage your existing or preferred suppliers, negotiate on your behalf, and reduce risks associated with importing from China. We’re not just a middleman; we are your overseas purchasing team.

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ChinaBuy.UK isn't just a business partner; they're like family. They've helped my parents for years, and now they've helped me start my own thing. They make everything so easy, and I trust them completely.

Mark Jenkinson, Ontario, Canada 


Our Services: Your Trusted China Trade Consultant

Fluent English Communication

Our team of educated professionals will guide you through factories and wholesale markets, ensuring clear and effective communication at all times.

Supplier Verification

We perform comprehensive checks to ensure that you are dealing with legitimate and authentic manufacturers in China.

Cost Evaluation and Product Sourcing

Our deep understanding of China's industrial landscape allows us to source the right products for you at competitive prices. We also provide complete cost assessments for large-scale production and shipping to your country.

Sample Collection and Customization

We gather product samples from various suppliers, conduct quality checks, and manage shipping. Additionally, we can assist you in customizing products to meet your specifications.

Skilled Negotiation

With over 15 years of experience, we negotiate the best terms for you, from lowering minimum order quantities to optimizing pricing.

Order Monitoring

We are well-versed in material markets and supply chains, enabling us to diligently monitor and oversee your orders until delivery.

Quality Control

We have strict quality inspection protocols in place to ensure the goods meet your standards.

Import and Export Consultation

Our extensive experience makes us proficient in handling all customs documentation for exporting goods from China and meeting your import requirements.

Shipping Management

As former contractors for airlines and shipping companies, we offer competitive shipping rates and oversee the entire shipping process, ensuring your goods reach you safely.


Advantages of Partnering With Us

Cost Efficiency

Our familiarity with China's raw material markets enables us to minimize your sourcing costs. We have proven this capability with clients like a large fashion wholesaler from Australia, securing highly competitive prices for them.

Risk Mitigation

Outsource your procurement operations to us and significantly reduce labor costs and corruption risks. We handle quality control, delivery timelines, and prevent fraud, ensuring you deal directly with legitimate manufacturers.

Transparent Operations

We act solely as your sourcing agent, negotiating with suppliers on your behalf. We neither buy nor sell goods, ensuring you're connected directly with Chinese suppliers, thus reducing any associated risks.

Customer-Centric Approach

Whether you are sourcing ready-made products or looking to manufacture custom items for your brand, our in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market allows us to understand your requirements and provide expert advice accordingly.

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