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What is Quality Control

It is an inspection system of maintaining and certain standards, which China Buy made following our customers’ rules.

To achieve customer’s goals, our staff are taught and trained with industry-leading technical expertise so all experienced.


We cover 4 steps of inspection which includes- initial production, during production, pre-shipment and full inspection.

What Can We Offer


1. Set Up

To set up a standard is the most important at the beginning.

Contact customers and understand their requirements are the essential step during the whole procedure.

Once the customers’ standardization has been set up then our stuff has to follow the rules.

2. Comply With System

To strictly carry out inspection standard and make sure that all the involved stuff are keeping the rules in mind during the processing inspection

3. Strictly 


To reach our customer's satisfaction, we take the following efficient stages:

1. IPC – Initial Production Check includes:


a) Checking suppliers’ capacities to make sure that factories are able to make quality goods.

b) Check raw material to make sure that factories are going to make products in the right material.

2. DPC –During Production Check

Check factories production procedure and semi-finished products to avoid any mistakes that may incur.

3. PSC – Pre-Shipment Check

a) Before shipping, we check goods according to the percentage of customer’s needed and refused those unqualified products.]

b) Packing check cannot be ignored. For example, if customer order frames with glass or marble table, we have to make sure factories using the right packing way.


4. FFC – Final Full Check includes:

a) CLC – Container Loading Check

We will arrange shipment after finishing goods, a series of works involved booking containers, arranging to the truck, and contacting with shipping company needs to do.

b) PDC – Pre-Documentation Check


There are different documents needed to prepare which included:

* Documents Chinese customs needed for clearing customer’s products out from China customs.

* Documents shipping company needed for proving the titled goods for customers

* Documents customers’ broker needed in destination port for clearing customers’ products out from their customs.  



c) SPC – Special Products Check.


For example, if the customer orders furniture then we will arrange the Chinese Import and Export Inspection Bureau for fumigation and prepare related documents to make sure that our customer can get through their order out from the destination custom.


We build our reliability by guaranteeing to provide our services and quality goods our customers needed


Industry Experience

Providing inspectors with more than 10 years experience of quality control in China

Specializing in dealing with documentation of customer’s needs.


Professional Ethic

China strictly prohibits corruption and immediately dismisses any stuff that accepts rebates offered by any factory.



We have signed contracts with different airlines and shipping companies in order to that we can lower our customers’ shipping cost. And we built goods relationship with people by which we can easily get things through as quick as possible.

Factory/supplier Inspection Audits and Verification:


If you need our service for inspection of certain factory or supplier, please do provide details:

  • Factory full name and location and basic information of factories

  • Factory capacity inspection and ability to produce the product to your requirements.

  • Factory certification inspection to meet certain standards, like factory basic health and safety checking for ordering with a food factory. If the factory has certificate for CNAS 17020/ISO17020 / IEC17020

  • Factory standards inspection to meet certain international standards

  • Factory quality standards and trading history to see if the factory has black records for delay with delivery or refused acceptance of goods from another company for reason of goods quality.



  • Factory/supplier Inspection Audits and Verification: $100 per day (if in the same city)

  • 2-10% of goods value as service fee according to how heavy of the workload

  • Documents charges from government as per invoices issuing from government

  • Third party inspection 150 USD per day

Payment by: 


Bank transfer



WeChat payment

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