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Air Freight, Courier Express, Sea Freight LCL & FCL, Railway Freight and Haulage

Seamless, Efficient, and Reliable Supply Chain Solutions for Your Business: Serving the UK, Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Beyond. Whether you need a few items or multiple containers, our partnership with the world's leading logistics and transportation companies ensures that you can connect with suppliers effortlessly. We handle everything from sourcing products to sending samples, freeing you to focus on your core business.


Air Cargo Freight

Your Go-To Option for Time-Sensitive Shipments


Air Freight plays a pivotal role in international logistics, offering speed and reliability. We provide a range of services to suit your specific air shipping needs.

Cost Factors:

  • Weight: Charges are primarily based on weight; the heavier the shipment, the more cost-effective the rate.

  • Volume: Billing can be based on actual weight or volumetric weight, depending on the dimensions of the package.

  • Destination: Costs vary depending on the delivery location.

  • Distance: Longer distances may result in higher charges.

  • Documentation: Customs clearance requirements can impact the overall cost.

  • Additional Services: Opting for door-to-door collection will affect the final price.


Make informed decisions on air freight shipments with our tailored solutions.

Airfreight Services We Offer:

We provide a variety of airfreight options, including basic airport-to-airport delivery as well as more comprehensive services that include additional collection options.

How It Works:

  1. Post-Production: After your products are manufactured, we coordinate the logistics, complete the necessary documentation for customs clearance, and perform pre-shipment checks.

  2. Customized Transport: You decide how you'd like your goods to be transported. Our options include:

  • Airport-to-Airport Shipment:

    • You drop off your goods at one of our designated depots along with the required documentation.

    • Your shipment is flown to the destination airport.

  • Optional Collection Service:

    • Upon arrival at the destination airport, we offer an optional collection service to have your goods delivered directly to your door.


Our flexibility ensures that you have the choice to tailor the shipping process to your specific needs.

Express Air Freight Services

Fast and Reliable with Top Couriers


When speed is your top priority, our Express Air Freight services offer the quickest and most reliable shipping solutions, powered by leading couriers like DHL, TNT, FedEx, and UPS.

How It Works:
  • Speedy Processing & Premium Partnerships:

    • Upon readiness of your goods, we prioritize your shipment for immediate processing, including all required documentation for customs. We collaborate with leading courier services to ensure the fastest and most reliable shipping routes.

  • Real-Time Tracking:

    • Each shipment is closely monitored throughout its journey, with real-time tracking available to keep you informed at every stage.

  • Customized Service Features:

    • Door-to-door delivery is standard, but our services can be further customized to meet your specific shipping requirements for samples, fashionable & high value goods.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if my shipment is lost?

    • While we take all precautions to ensure the safe delivery of your goods, in the rare event of a lost shipment, the carrier (shipper or airline) takes full responsibility.

  • Are there extra charges for damaged shipments?

    • Damages occurring due to improper packaging are not the company's responsibility. However, the carrier will assume full responsibility for any other damages incurred during transit.

  • How is customs clearance handled?

    • Our experienced team handles all necessary documentation to ensure a smooth customs process, minimizing delays.

  • Are there additional fees for lost or damaged shipments?

    • While we are not responsible for losses or damages due to improper packaging, carriers will assume responsibility for any other unfortunate events that may occur during shipping.


Choose our Express Air Freight services for unparalleled speed, security, and peace of mind.

DALL·E 2023-10-17 13.20.36 - Photo that illustrates the principle of volumetric weight on

Air Shipping don't always use just weight for pricing quotes, especially when it comes to bulky yet light weight goods.

Learn how to calculate Volumetric Weight,

understand the factors that influence pricing, and find out why the size of your package matters as much as its weight.


Sea Freight Solutions

The Cost-Effective and Flexible Way to Ship Globally


When it comes to the complexities of international shipping, Sea Freight, one of the oldest methods of international goods transportation, emerges as a dependable, economical, and versatile choice. Renowned for its cost-effectiveness, sea freight remains the preferred option for numerous businesses and individuals seeking an economical shipping solution.


At China-Buys, we leverage our deep-rooted industry expertise and extensive global network to offer sea freight solutions tailored to your distinct requirements.

Why Choose Sea Freight?

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Particularly useful for large-volume shipments, sea freight offers a budget-friendly alternative to air freight.

  • Time Flexibility: If your shipment isn't time-sensitive, you can make significant cost savings with sea freight.

  • Volume-Based Economies: The more you ship, the lower the per-unit cost, making sea freight ideal for large orders.

  • End-to-End Solutions: From port-to-port to door-to-door delivery, we offer comprehensive shipping solutions to meet various business needs.

  • Profit Optimization for Small and Emerging Businesses: If you're a small or up-and-coming business, you can substantially increase your profit margins through the cost advantages of sea freight.

qingdao 8.jpg
Types of Sea Freight Services


Sea freight can be divided into LCL (Less-than-Container Load) and FCL (Full-Container Load):

  1. FCL (Full Container Load): Ideal for bulk shipments, FCL allows you to book an entire container, enabling faster transit and potentially lower per-unit costs.

  2. LCL (Less-than-Container Load): A flexible option for smaller shipments, where different clients' cargo is consolidated into the same container.

Comprehensive Services
  • Port-to-Port Global Reach: Our expansive network covers thousands of ports around the world.

  • Additional Services: Beyond port services, we extend the convenience of additional collection right to your doorstep.

  • Streamlined Documentation: Our experts handle all required paperwork to ensure hassle-free shipping.

  • Price Comparison: We offer free service comparisons to guarantee you the best shipping prices.

Importing and Exporting Made Easy

Our end-to-end services extend beyond mere transportation. From pre-shipping packaging and warehousing to dock haulage and intricate paperwork, we manage every aspect of your sea freight logistics. Trust China Buys for seamless, efficient, and compliant international shipping solutions that amplify your business's global reach.


Some ports we had shipped to.

Rail Freight for Global Trade

Efficient, Cost-Effective, and Eco-Friendly Cargo Transport


Rail cargo transportation stands as a pillar of international logistics, deftly balancing cost, efficiency, and sustainability. By leveraging the extensive rail networks crisscrossing continents, businesses can capitalize on a method of shipment that marries the rapidity of air freight with the economical advantages of sea transport. It's a strategic choice for companies aiming to optimize their supply chains while being mindful of environmental impact and overall expenses.


At China-Buys, we leverage our deep-rooted industry expertise and extensive global network to offer China-EU Rail solutions tailored to your distinct requirements.

Rail Freight Benefits:

  • Cost Efficiency: Rail transport strikes a balance in the spectrum of shipping costs. It is less expensive than air freight, particularly for longer distances, while often faster than ocean shipping, making it a cost-effective middle ground.

  • High Capacity and Efficiency: Trains are designed to haul vast quantities of goods. Their substantial carrying capacity means that rail is an excellent choice for large shipments, bulk commodities, and heavy industrial goods.

  • Timely and Reliable: Railways operate on strict schedules, which can make them more reliable than trucking. The controlled environment of railroads mitigates delays caused by traffic congestion and variable road conditions.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Railways excel in energy efficiency, offering a greener alternative by moving goods in bulk with significantly lower emissions compared to road transport, thus contributing to corporate sustainability goals.

  • Enhanced Security: The enclosed nature of rail transport and the reduced number of stops compared to road transit mean a lower risk of theft and damage, providing peace of mind for shippers of valuable goods.

  • ntermodal Connectivity: Rail freight is a key component in intermodal transportation solutions, connecting seamlessly with road and sea routes to ensure a smooth door-to-door shipping experience, enhancing flexibility and reach.

By incorporating rail cargo services into their logistics strategies, businesses not only see a reduction in transportation costs but also contribute to a reduction in the logistical carbon footprint, all while maintaining an efficient and reliable supply chain.

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Truck Car Park
Efficient Road Transport with


At, we streamline your logistics through our robust road transportation solutions, connecting your business with the rapid, reliable delivery service it deserves.

  • Adaptability: Our road freight adapts to your needs, offering flexible routes and schedules for time-sensitive shipments.

  • Direct Delivery: We provide door-to-door delivery, ensuring your goods travel from the warehouse directly to your chosen destination without unnecessary stops or delays.

  • Cost Savings: For shorter distances, our road transport is a budget-friendly option, reducing handling costs and offering competitive pricing.

  • Real-Time Updates: Stay informed with GPS tracking for every shipment, offering transparency and control over your delivery.

  • Diverse Cargo Handling: Our fleet can transport a variety of cargo types, making us a one-stop solution for your freight needs.

  • Accessibility: With access to remote locations, we ensure your goods reach any destination across the country.'s road transport services are designed to meet the high-speed demands of modern businesses, providing a seamless, efficient link in your supply chain.

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