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Who are we?

Welcome to Chinabuy, whether you own a

 wholesale shop, a boutique, or you just want  a holiday in china  and buy for yourself, we are here to help you. We can help deliver your goods with our many services, including our express delivery to get to you fast

We offer a wide range of services ranging from logistics to quality control to make sure you get the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

We offer a whole variety of services that start from sourcing and can end with the shipment of your goods to your front door.  the services we provide make the process of importing from China much more relaxing for you and your company so you can sit back and let us take care of the process for you. 

Experience Their Culture

Why buy from China?

1. Quality goods for really cheap prices.

2. Variety of goods. We have many different markets, including Consumer goods, clothes, food, crafts, furniture.      

3. Strong production capacity which can produce thousands of products

4. Loyalty and Integrity: once your products are produced, we ensure they are delivered to you safely and on time always    

5. Holiday: when buying and looking at suppliers, you can also visit different places to experience their culture.

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What can you we buy from China;
  1. Consumer goods, such as: clothing, shoes, furniture, electronics, food, cosmetics and etc.

  2. Crafts, like house decoration products and Christmas products.

  3. Furniture: including home and office furniture. Bad room set, tables and chairs, safe set, kitchens unites and etc.

  4. Building materials: such as wall paper, Flooring, ceiling, door, window, and toilet unite;

  5. Raw material, large machinery and equipment and Small tools

How can you go to china? 

  1. Apply Visa from Chinese embassy, you may need Invitation letter for business visa

  2. Book Ticket

  3. Book hotel

  4. Arrange pick-up and drop-off service

  5. May need interrupting service

How to purchase your products?

  1. Customers go to related wholesale markets or factories

  2. Customers order against supplier’s samples

  3. Customers change the original sample or

  4. Suppliers make samples according to customer’s needs

  5. Customers modify the repeat samples

  6. Customers approve samples which factories made

  7. Customers place order and arrange deposit

  8. Suppliers start production once they receive deposit

  9. Agent follows production to make sure provide quality goods.

Advantages of using Chinabuy is easy
Experience in sourcing from China.png

We help with sourcing, quality control inspections, shipment


We can find suppliers in thousands different kinds of product

Our Aims

To provide our customers with the best quality products at cheapest prices

To ensure we always find the best suppliers

Make sure we have efficient quality control procedures


We offer logistics so that your goods can be transported to your door safely.

The services we offer include:

  • Air freight: where we offer airport to airport delivery and an optional collection service where we can get a courier to deliver the good to your door from the airport

  • Sea freight ( LCL) is when you share your cargo shipment with other deliveries, this can save you shipment costs

  • Sea freight (FCL) is a full container shipment where you pay for the full cargo shipment, we provide all the necessary documentation needed to clear customs. This means you can choose when to get it delivered.

  • Sea freight LCL and FCL are great to save money if your delivery is not time sensitive

  • Express: you can get a delivery service for your packages from door to door.





We provide a sourcing agent to the customer and find multiple suppliers to see which one best suit your thriving business and we get your specifications to give to factories and get a back a sample to ensure the factory are doing what the customer requires.

Once the sample is approved, we conduct all the inspections needed then full production begins to make the products the customer wants.

We make sure we always find you the best supplier for the best competitive prices who always have the best quality products for your business.

The process to start an order is simple all you have to do is contact us and we will get back to you in 24hours explaining what the next steps are.


We provide a wide range of quality control inspections which include:

Pre- production: this is where we make sure the factory has all the materials needed and make sure they are following the safety regulations 

During –production: this is where we make sure the standards of quality are kept up and that all the products are correct

After production: this is where we inspect a large quantity of products to make sure there are no defects

Pre shipment: we check all the goods before they are loaded onto the courier and check all the documenta

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