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Open the Gate of Trade 

Meet real-deal suppliers & buy quality products

4 steps to get supplies in China with confidence

Need quality materials, parts, products, heavy machineries and services from China (but never been before)? Or are you already here but don't know where to go and who to trust? Or have you done your shopping and now worry about shipping back safely and promptly? is here to help.


Step 1: Based in both UK and China, we will guide you to thousands of specialist markets (mainly in Southern China) to find bargains from millions of suppliers and factories,

Step 2: We will overlook all your orders so you can focus on your selling plans, and control the goods quality when you are enjoying a tour across the great nation, 

Step 3: We will find for you the most suitable freight with our 22-years-expertise and latest shipping costs, put extra securities to your orders, goods and funds, prepare Export & Import documents for safe & quick shipping,


Step 4: You wait for your order at home / on your tour around China / planning for the new-in sale, SIMPLE!


Free 30min Consultation

Any of these on your China Shopping list?

  • Fashion & Accessories: Adult clothing, footwear, kidswear, handbags, watches, scarves, belts, jewelry.

  • Beauty & Personal Care: Domestic consumer goods, cosmetics, PPE supplies, skincare products, haircare, toiletries.

  • Electronics & Gadgets: Office and home appliances, small electronics, digital products, computers, software, security gadgets, mobile phones, audio equipment.

  • Decor & Leisure Items: Craftworks, indoor & outdoor decorations, Christmas goods, tools, toys, art supplies, board games, gardening supplies.

  • Furniture & Home Essentials: Home and office furniture, beddings, tables, chairs, leather/wooden sofa sets, kitchen utensils, dish sets, lighting fixtures, curtains.

  • Construction & Building Supplies: Tiles, plate glasses, wires, toilets, kitchen pipes and parts, roofing materials, insulation, adhesives.

  • Industrial Needs: Raw material for production, large machinery, heavy equipment, power generators, shop fixtures, conveyors, storage solutions.

  • Food & Beverage: Packaged foods, beverages, specialty foods, food processing machinery.

  • Sports & Outdoor: Sports equipment, camping gear, fitness accessories, outdoor furniture.

  • Auto & Transport: Auto parts, accessories, motorcycles, electric scooters, tires, batteries.

  • Educational & Office Supplies: Stationery, educational toys, office furniture, printing supplies.

  • Medical & Healthcare: Medical devices, surgical instruments, health supplements, mobility aids.

For more information, you can book a free 30min consultation session available, for helpful advises on your shopping plan.

Common Shipping Options

Air Freight

Sea Freight

Express Courier

CN - EU Railway

Sea Freight

Economic Container Freight


Fastest Courier Service

cn eu railway

Great Balance if available

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