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Travel To & In China

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Explore Business and Leisure in China: Unlock Direct Supplier Connections While Enjoying the Rich Culture and Scenic Beauty of the nation, with our Comprehensive Services to Make Your Trip Seamless.

The Benefits of Coming to China for Business & Leisure

China is much more than just a tourist destination; it's a global hub for business opportunities, particularly in retail and trade. Beyond its rich history and diverse landscapes, the country offers a unique benefit for business owners: the chance to connect directly with suppliers and substantially cut costs.

Imagine the possibilities as you walk through bustling markets, negotiating deals firsthand and experiencing the quality of products you could add to your portfolio. And let's not forget about the diverse attractions, food, and sights you can enjoy in between your business meetings.

Your Journey Beyond Shopping — Guangzhou Local Tour with Us

Our service office, located in Guangzhou, ensures that your trip to China is not just about business. Once you've concluded your shopping or negotiations, there's a wealth of experiences awaiting you. But how to navigate in a foreign country? Worry not. At China Buys, we offer comprehensive services to make your trip seamless and enriching. These services include visa invitation letters, flight tickets searching, hotel bookings, and local tours guided by our experts. Most of our tours take you through various markets, giving you a deep dive into the local business environment, but they also cover historical sites, offering a well-rounded experience.

In essence, we make your journey to China not only profitable but also enjoyable. Maximize your time and profits in China with our local expertise. Why wait? Contact us today to plan your trip.

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